Saturday, October 5, 2013

Here I Go Again-My Story - Video Included

     People are going to see this and proclaim with conviction, "You are not alone!"
The problem there is that you can be alone with 25 people in the same room with you.  You may have well intentions or make statements out of a feel of duty or perhaps out of IAS ( Inappropriate attention seeking), whatever the reason you just do not see the big picture.
   People who struggle against weight do feel alone and in their fight they are alone.  It is they that have to make the decisions about life and death.  It is they that have to make a choice to make an effort.  It is they that fight the demons that attack to discourage, it is they that have to fight all the negative thoughts that have accumulated over their life.  it is they that must face down the fears of the past, the future, failure, and of success.  It is they that have to walk down that lonely path  they have been down a hundred times, no a thousand times before.

   Thank you for trying to make us feel better by telling us that we are not alone.  Thank you for wanting to be there.  Thank you that it is a fact that with you we are not alone in that sense and it makes us feel better.  But,  There are areas of life where we stand alone and can only wave at those on the outside and smile.  Many times that smile is a show just to throw people off.  However the greatest things you can do for us is...

1) Pray for us.
2) Encourage us.

   When I say encourage us that does not mean harp on our failures, don't throw them in our face.  When you throw peoples failures and mistakes in their face you become part of the problem!  Don't comment on how much good food we are eating and don't sit there and remark to people any sickness or issues we have that are related to our weight.  Respect our life, our feelings, our hopes and our dreams. Last but not least, If you can not say anything nice... Then shut your mouth!

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